Top 40 Best Free Blackberry Apps

Amazon Shopping Application – This app lets you shop using Amazon’s one-click ordering. Also use it to track packages, modify orders, receive personalized recommendations, view editorial and customer reviews, receive the Gold Box Deal of the Day, and access your Wish list.

BBNotePad – If you find the default BlackBerry MemoPad a little short on features, BBNotePad offers an alternative. As a text editor, you can use it write full-length documents or code anytime, anywhere. It features three font sizes and allows you to save file as .txt, which you can open directly on any computer. It also allows you to send notes and memos using Bluetooth to other handheld devices.

BBScreenShooter – An image capture software for BlackBerry devices, this app was developed by programming a small graphical user interface, which takes advantage of JavaLoader.exe. This can be a rather complicated screen capture program. To learn how to use if efficiently, read more details about the app at the download site.

BBScreenStream – The second BlackBerry app from the developer of BBSCreenShooter allows you to constantly capture your BlackBerry’s screen and display or record it on your PC.

BeeTag – This is a 2-D barcode scanner that uses your BlackBerry’s camera to scan barcodes on almost anything, be it product brands, ads and more. After scanning the app displays product information, text and URL info for the products.

Beyond 411 – This is a fast way to look up business listings, driving directions and white pages on your BlackBerry. It also works with your BlackBerry’s GPS giving you exact details of various locations.

BlackBerry Messenger – This app allows you to stay in contact with your BlackBerry-using friends without getting charged for text messaging by your cell phone provider. It uses the BlackBerry OS’s PIN to send messages back and forth.

Bolt Browser – If you find the default BlackBerry Web browser too slow, Bolt is offering a faster alternative. This browser loads fast and utilizes similar shortcuts as the Opera Mini to scroll, zoom, and navigate through Web pages.

Caffeine Finder Freeware – If you’re a coffee fanatic like me, you’d find this app very useful. It lets you search for the nearest coffee shops or cafes from more than 45,000 locations. Like Fast Food Finder, the app also features directional map and addresses of the coffee shops.

Capture It – This app lets you capture images of your BlackBerry’s screen and saves them as .jpg file. After installing the app, you must set it as a device convenience key than launch the app through the Options Icon.

Facebook – Another essential app for road warriors, Facebook has got to be the most ported social networking sites out there. For BlackBerry devices, this Facebook app displays your home screen notifications, like status updates, and even allows you to poke, write a message or leave a comment on the walls of your Facebook friends. You can also view your list of friends and their status updates. You can also use the phone’s camera and upload images instantly to Facebook.

Fast Food Finder Freeware – Looking for a place to grab a bite or get a drink? This app will help you find the closest fast food chain using your phone’s GPS. It provides maps, address and directions to the fast food where you want to go.

Gmail Client – Next to Google Talk, Gmail client is the next most useful and must-have Google app for your BlackBerry. This app gives you almost the same functionality as the Web-based Gmail by giving you access to your contact list, sent and archived mail as well as the labels functionality.

Google Latitude – This geo broadcasting software app tells you where your friends are and lets you share your current location. Making it even more powerful is the fact that Google Latitude is integrated with Google Maps. The app also lets you set different levels of location sharing.

Google Maps – This is not as powerful as the Web-based Google Maps app and the iPhone apps, but it manages to bring Google Maps service effectively to your BlackBerry.

Google Mobile – This application gives you the whole Google experience right on your BlackBerry device. It has Gmail, Google Maps and Google Sync plus links to Google’s mobile-optimized Web services such as Web search, Google Reader, Google Docs and Picasa.

Google Talk – You also need to communicate with your non-BlackBerry using friends. This app sports an interface similar to the BlackBerry Messenger and is as robust as other paid IM client for the BlackBerry.

GridMagic Community Edition – This useful spreadsheet app for your BlackBerry, lets you run complex calculations and organize some information into tables. It also lets you do the usual spreadsheet functions like freeze pane, select row or column, and copy-and-paste. You can email the spreadsheets as Excel .xls attachment using your BlackBerry’s email functionality.

iSkoot – If you’re a Skype user, you’ll want this app. It puts Skype on your mobile phone and allows you to send and receive voice calls to and from Skype users. The app imports all your Skype contacts, and offers an instant messaging function.

Jaikuberry – This is the social networking site Jaiku on your BlackBerry, allowing you to share blog posts with your friends no matter where they are in the world.

JapbLite BlackBerry Personal Money Manager – This is a robust personal finance app for your BlackBerry. This app features multiple accounts, investment tracking, future balance calculations, net worth calculation, foreign currency accounts with automatic revaluation, regular transactions, standing orders, and default and user-defined categories.

Ka-Glom! – Definitely a time killer, this Tetris-type game is one of BlackBerry’s finest.

Mobipocket Reader – Given the fact that BlackBerry devices are not the best for eBook reading, this app fully utilizes the devices display to bring you a decent reading experience. And since it supports the .mobi format, you are assured that you’ll have plenty of eBook titles to chose from and download on your BlackBerry devices. You can also convert PDFs or Word files on your PC and transfer them to your BlackBerry device.

Opera Mini – Web browsing through any mobile device wouldn’t be complete without the Opera Mini, right? For its BlackBerry version, Opera Mini processes page requests through Opera’s servers and offloads much of the processing away from your BlackBerry. It also caches Web pages allowing you to load web pages on your BlackBerry device quickly.

PocketMac for BlackBerry – IPhone is not the only mobile device that syncs well with your Mac. PocketMac is a robust app that synchronizes your address book, calendar, tasks, notes, and email between your BlackBerry and Mac.

Poynt – This local search application allows you to run Yellow Page searches to find businesses, movie listings and theater screenings. It lets you browse by genre and even review the current top 10 movies. The app also supports GPS location search and integrates with BlackBerry Maps.

Quick Pull – If you don’t have the patience to manually pull out the battery to give your BlackBerry a rest from time to time, Quick Pull will do it for you. It offers the same functionality as pulling your battery.

Ramble IM – This is a work-around to having the native AOL Instant Messenger for the BlackBerry. It’s an open-source IM client for the BlackBerry generously made available by the open source community.

Slacker Radio for BlackBerry – This site gives you a personal Internet radio app with unlimited free music from 100 pre-programmed “genre stations”.  The app works through EDGE and other 2.5G data connection as well as through Wi-Fi. You’ll need a free Slacker account before you can use the app.

Stock Viewer – This BlackBerry app lets you continuously retrieve stock quotes coming from NYSE and NASDAQ. It also gives you some headline news. The app is designed to work with BlackBerry 7xxx, 8xxx, 9xxx models.

Talklock – This app locks up your BlackBerry device when making a call and unlocks it when your call is finished. This prevents you from touching the screen and activating another application while making your call.

Tiny Tweeter – Another Twitter app for your BlackBerry devices, Tiny Tweeter lets you tweet throughout the day and keep updated with the people you are following. You can customize your Twitter interface as well by setting font settings, sync settings, UI settings and more.

Twitterberry – How good would a BlackBerry be if you couldn’t tweet using it? Thankfully, we have this free app. It allows you to update your Twitter feed and view friends/public timeline without getting charged for text messaging.

Viigo – If you’re looking for a powerful RSS feed reader for your BlackBerry, look no further than this app. Viigo lets you add multiple RSS items from sites you visit regularly. It allows you to add as many as 2,500 subscriptions.

Vlingo – This app turns your BlackBerry devices into a voice-enabled mobile phone that allows you to do voice-dialing, voice-texting and voice emailing. To use it, you must assign one of your BlackBerry device’s key to activate the app. It also allows you to update your Facebook status, create tasks and memos as well as open built-in applications and other third-party applications by using your voice.

WebMessenger – This app will let you chat with friends whether they are on AOL, Google, ICQ, Jabber, Skype, Yahoo and MSN. It imports your contact list from those IM clients and allows you to set your status, see who’s online and of course chat with them for as long as you want.

Where for BlackBerry – A GPS-based local search app for your BlackBerry, this app lets lets you connect with businesses in the area around you. You can also use it to check on gas prices, events, locating specific establishments, and more. It works with Bold 9000, 8800, Curve and Pearl BlackBerry series.

WorldMate Live – A useful app specifically for the road warriors, WorldMate Live delivers content and services to your BlackBerry device including itineraries, flights, hotel information, meetings, public transportation and car rental information. It allows you to export travel information including e-mail confirmation, corporate calendars and more. The app also provide current time and weather for one set location, a weather function offering five day forecast for any major city, and a currency converter for U.S. dollars, Euros or Japanese Yen.

Yahoo Go – Although this app only works on newer BlackBerry models, it does so in an impressive fashion. Featuring a slick interface, this app brings Yahoo’s news, weather, sports, finance, and entertainment news feeds, driving directions and mapping to your BlackBerry. It also supports Flickr and lets you do various Flickr activities in the comforts of your BlackBerry screen.

Yahoo Messenger Client – Not wanting to be outdone by Google, Yahoo also released its own free BlackBerry IM client. And it works and function similarly as the Gmail client. This app is a must have for YM fans.


~ by Putri Mulia Gurnitha on January 13, 2010.

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