have already dream about their wedding, eversince the day they know what a marriage is..
have already play a game about it, ever since their first encounter with relative’s marriages..
have already imagine what their marriage would be, ever since they feel the joyful of beatiful gowns and hair do’s..
as days gone by.. their fantasies become bigger n bigger..
fantasies of what kind of a dream wedding they would have one day..
they start preparing everything in their mind..
what color of the dress.. color of the flowers.. wonderful places for honeymoon.. how many children they would have..
while waiting for the right time to make it come true..
so for all of you boys out there..
by knowing these.. sure you’d understand why girls can be nightmares before wedding..
just keep silence.. n being supportive.. all the way through it all..
that would make girls happy.. peaceful.. and feel lucky to have you..
don’t you want to see a smile on your girl’s faces ???
trust me.. it’s worth every single thing..


~ by Putri Mulia Gurnitha on January 2, 2010.

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